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Mindfulness Matters

Have you seen Justin Slocum Bailey’s latest video on comparing yourself to others? It’s something I struggle with constantly and we can all use the reminder that our journey is unique with hidden struggles and joys. Don’t make your journey harder by comparing yourself to others!

Avoid the Comparison Trap:

Story Telling Videos

Lots of great videos out there to help your students (or yourself) learn a second language. My latest video was created from the story script from Somos (who adapted it from Ben Slavic.)

Sientate from unit 6 of Somos:

Our Gains

We absolutely love celebrating any victories, no matter how small! What was your victory this week? Let me know and I can showcase it in my next newsletter. My victory for the week involved putting my office back in order after I returned from almost 4 weeks of travelling and literally dumped everything on the floor so I could sleep for days! I had it cleaned up enough that I was able to vacuum today.

Unfortunate Events

This seems an odd point to focus on but too many people only post their wins which leads to a false sense that everything is rose-colored for some while others can’t seem to have a good day no matter how hard they try. Our failures help us focus on how to improve. What was your failure this week? How can I help you?

My failure involved Canvas! I used Kapwing this week to create a bitmoji homepage for my Canvas courses. What I didn’t realize, after embedding the code, and then going back to create one for the next class, was that I was overwriting everything I did! I didn’t realize until I was done that all my subjects had the same page as the last one I had made! So, if you are using Kapwing to create a bitmoji homepage for yourself be sure to start a new template each time!

Teaching Tips

I’m always on the lookout for a new game, technique, brain-break, or anything to change it up a bit for myself and my students. Do you have something you would like to share that is a winner for you? Drop me a line and I’ll include it in my next newsletter! This week’s focus is on games. I am a huge fan of the game called the Word Chunk Game! My issue with group games (or group anything) is that there will always be someone who feels left out. This game, somehow magically includes everyone! There are still a few pitfalls to watch out for, such as the score keeper giving more points to a cute boy because she likes him, but I’m willing to do deal with those types of things! Here is a video of me playing it with my class along with a handout on how to run it.

• Video:

• Handout:

Tech for Teachers

As teachers we have, mostly, moved past mimeograph machines and transparencies. What do you need help with tech-wise? What would you like to learn but need someone to help guide you? A great resource is the FB group Rachel Lucas started called Tech for World Language Teachers. If I can't find a solution on Google, this FB page almost always has someone who has had the same problem, solved it, and is happy to share.

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