Profe's Picks for 7/23

Mindfulness Matters

I used to get so wrapped up in classroom minutia that my head would start spinning and it was hard to focus on teaching. To help myself, I brought in a metronome and whenever I started to feel stressed, I would turn it on. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was doing was bringing myself back to the present, grounding myself, and reminding myself to breathe and relax. Fast forward a few years and now I know that what I was doing was a practice called Mindful Meditation; just being aware of myself and my emotions in the present. I found this article online, specifically for teachers, about this practice. I hope it helps in the upcoming school year!

Story Telling Videos

I love that there are so many great story telling videos now and not just grammar focused videos on YouTube. One of my absolute favorites (besides myself of course!) is Profe Loco. I love his videos because they tend to have a darker sense of humor (which my high schoolers usually enjoy) and his stories often have twist endings. Definitely preview before showing to your classes but his YouTube channel is worth checking out. My favorite so far is Los Viejitos and here’s the link: Be sure to check out my channel as well in your search for Spanish stories:

Our Gains

I would love to hear the wins for you! It’s been pretty quiet but I’m sure the stories will pick up once we are back in our classrooms. I have 2 to 3 weeks left (I refuse to look at the calendar yet) before my classroom door opens to the students and I’m back to teaching Spanish 2, 3, 4 and, a new one this year, Multicultural Studies. This year my goal is to official rules posted on my wall. So far I have: Spanish isn’t a study hall, Spanish work first, Nothing but water. What are your must-have rules?

Unfortunate Events

What was your failure this week? How can I help you?

I have taken the first steps to starting my own curriculum, but it is overwhelming and at times my self-doubt is loud. I have to keep reminding myself that baby steps is fine and that what I see as an insurmountable obstacle might just be an inconvenience but I’ll never know until I’ve tackled the challenge. Here are 2 of my favorite photos I took last week in Grand Mere State Park in Michigan. Believe it or not those “boulders” on the beach were actually palm sized rocks. It’s all about perspective! If you are interested in learning more about my curriculum sign up as a subscriber!

For the classroom

I’m sure you have heard of TeachersPayTeachers as it is an invaluable way to share resources with other colleagues. I have my own store on TPT () but I also like to see what else is out there. While searching for materials, I came across Spanish with Stephanie and she has great resources. They are aimed at lower levels but there’s nothing wrong with using a lower level resource for your upper classmen! Not every day needs to be rigorous and demanding. Check out one of her resources here:

And, if you are looking for photos to use in your classroom or in your activities, I have started a folder where I am putting any Spanish signs I come across. You are welcome to use the photos as you wish, my only request would be for a small line somewhere giving me credit. Here’s the link:

Tech for Teachers

Meredith White (#langchat in Twitter) found a great secondary monitor for her classroom and sent a tweet out into the world infused with her contagious happiness. If you are also looking for a second screen I suggest bypassing hours of research and go check out what Meredith bought.

If you’ve been wanting to learn Peardeck, Tech for World Languages has a good tutorial out but it will be taken down on Friday at 11:59pm. After that it will be for subscribers only. Here’s the link:

Feel free to share this newsletter with your colleagues and if they want to be included, just send them this link to subscribe:

I would love to hear from you! DM me your story, email me, or comment below.

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