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I created this so I can have all my videos in one place. I also use the songs from and have created a spreadsheet to help pair his songs with the Somos chapters. Right now the song pairings are a mix of guess work and advice from other teachers, definitely not meant to say those are the only songs that will work in that chapter! Join my FB groups: CyberProfe and Somos.

Spanish 1 and 2 Curriculum Map

Google Spreadsheet pairing all of Somos with Senor Wooly songs.

Please note, if the map says "In GD" it means it can be found in the Somos Shared Google Drive Folder. To gain access you must purchase the Somos curriculum from

Somos 1 Curriculum

units 1-27


Dice (1)



La Universidad (4)

La Corrida de Toros (5)

¡Siéntate! (6)