To demonstrate the different levels of speaking

Class Library


I LOVE having my students read in FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) time. Thanks to Bryce Hedstrom and all his help with making this accessible. Have a question about FVR? Click here! Some teachers call it SSR for Sustained Silent Reading. I just call it Free Reading.

I have downloaded all the letters to date my sponsored children from Guatemala have written to me (the others were snail mail!) Feel free to download them and use them. Heads up that this is from Compassion International which is a Christian based company so the kids' letters mention God a lot.

(Truth: there have been so many new books coming out that I stopped updating in 2018.) I thought Mike Peto had a list but I can't find it now...

My list of FVR books! I update this whenever I come across a new one. It includes a brief description of the book and where I purchased it from (if I have it.)

If you don't have a budget for books some free to almost free options are below

  • Martina Bex - Mundo en tus manos (biweekly news summary)

  • Mundo de Pepita on TPT (4 month subscription to an e-zine)

  • TPRS Books ($7/book) (sometimes has coupons)

  • Fluency Matters ($7/book) (never has coupons)

  • The StoryTeller'sCorner on TPT (lots of free to very inexpensive stories. occasionally has Flash Freebies)

Thanks to Beth for sharing ways to get money for your library!



  • Make it be a textbook rental and bill the students

  • Local Grants

Adobe Spark

I started playing around with making little readings I could show on my whiteboard using Adobe Spark. So far I just have the one.

Speaking Spanish

This might help you feel better on your journey to speaking Spanish! It takes time and patience and practice and a willingness to make mistakes!


People trying to speak a second language are awesome

Why you can't learn spanish in 5 minutes