1. Great website for an overview of Do's and Don'ts when packing:

  2. Click here to for a helpful packing list plus itinerary that I have put together. This will take you to my Google Drive.

  3. Click here for a packing list from World Strides with great suggestions (although I think they go overboard on what clothes to bring!). The link will take you to my Dropbox

  4. You will want to check the TSA website on what is allowed as they update it periodically. Click here to access that website.

  5. A few items that are important enough to mention specifically:

    1. Bring sunscreen as it is expensive in Costa Rica but remember the TSA 3-1-1 rule.

    2. Bring bug spray with deet if you can.

    3. Do not pack a bikini for the beach as that goes against Costa Rica's social customs. A tankini is ok although one piece is even better.