Below teachers will find resources, all organized by theme and topic. As the school year goes on I will add topics that my students are currently working on.

Under each topic I will put any cartoons, music, games, or stories that I use. I teach both a legacy class and a TPRS/CI class and hoping to put a mix of both here for you to use!

El Alfabeto

Let's learn the alphabet! There are 2 schools of thought on this. Some teachers say they don't spend any time on the alphabet because the students will learn the letters as they go. Other teachers think it's very important to devote a lesson to the names and sounds of the alphabet. I'm in the middle. I think the students will learn as they go but others will benefit from having a day aimed at teaching the actual alphabet. I usually wait until my students ask me or when I know a chunk of them will be gone because they are leaving early for vacation.




Days of the Week


Online Practice

Location Words

Of course you want to talk about where things are located! Not much to this one except to memorize the words. Try to create a mnemonic device if you can. For instance, 'dentro' means 'inside' and you can think 'A bear lives INSIDE a DEN.' These are also known as Location Prepositions or Prepositions of Place (fancy right??)


Quiz Yourself

  • sporcle.com

  • quizlet.com

  • gimkit.com



Telling Time